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Have you ever felt this way about soldering?

  • I have no clue where to start. 

  • I’m worried about messing up whatever I’m trying to fix.

  • I’m not sure I’m doing it right. 

  • I’m scared I’ll burn myself.

  • I don’t have any equipment...and I’m not even sure what to buy.


Imagine soldering with confidence...


Introducing Micro & Hot Air Soldering For Beginners


A fun and informative online soldering course that teaches micro and hot air soldering techniques, tips, and tricks. 

Become self-assured at repairing electronics – whether it’s your new hobby or side hustle

“I signed up for this course because I’ve always wanted to learn how to solder. After the first couple of lessons, I was able to fix my NES controller and play for the first time in 20 years.” 

–Robert W.

Discover new soldering techniques

Simple step-by-step videos will teach you soldering fundamentals, techniques, and terms.

Get answers to your questions

Learn the common mistakes most beginners make and how you can solve for them through hands-on tutorials.

Gain confidence soldering

After learning soldering best practices from an expert, you’ll feel comfortable practicing on your own.

Learn which tools you need

This course will teach you which tools are necessary and how to use them to get great results.

An in-depth look inside the course...


Lesson 1: Welcome & Setup ($97 Value)

Learn soldering terms, common component identification, and get your very own tool and equipment list. 

Lesson 2: Micro Pencil Basics ($97 Value)

Discover when to use a soldering iron vs. micro pencil, the right temperature for your micro pencil, and the #1 trick to soldering with shaky hands. 

Lesson 3: Hot Air Basics ($97 Value) 

The top things you need to remember when using a hot air station and the basics of working with a hot air wand. 

Lesson 4: Reflowing Basics ($97 Value)

The best times to use reflow techniques and over-the-shoulder examples of reflowing in action. 

Lesson 5: Fixing Mistakes ($97 Value) 

Everyone from beginners to experts makes mistakes. Learn the basics of how to fix the most common soldering fails. 

Lesson 6: More Examples ($97 Value) 

Easy-to-understand tutorials demonstrating how to replace common components on game motherboards. 

Lesson 7: Are You Ready for More? 

Congratulations, you now know how to solder. Here’s what happens next. 

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Ready to learn how to solder?


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Maybe you are…

Brand new to soldering, like Tobias:

"I never learned soldering growing up. I just started a few months ago. I was looking for an in-person soldering course at first but wasn’t successful so I was happy to see this one. Through this course, I learned best practices, dos and don'ts, and gained more confidence in dealing with hot air and soldering. It gave me tips on how things can be done. For example, I loved learning how to solder an SMD chip"


Looking to earn some money performing repairs, like Neil: 

“I was okay at soldering since I tinkered with electronics several years ago. But I only really started soldering after watching Steve. He gave me the motivation to learn. I signed up for the course after watching the repair videos. I fancy doing some myself to try and earn some extra money. So, I needed to learn how to solder correctly. This course showed me how to use the correct tools for the job and the steps to getting good results.


Or would like a recap on soldering, like Uriel:

“I have taken courses before in a classroom environment. I was hoping to re-learn some of the basics of soldering since I have to fix circuit boards once in a while. I also wanted to gain knowledge on console circuit boards and common issues/fixes for them so I could start a hobby of fixing consoles. This course helped guide me on the basic equipment required to start soldering and techniques to apply from an experienced solderer which was a bonus.”

Meet your expert

Steve Porter is the founder of Game Console Repair School, the top soldering space for learning to repair electronics like a pro.

He teaches soldering to over 700,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, TronicsFix. 

Steve has over six years of professional soldering experience and has repaired thousands of electronic devices from game consoles to laptops.

Who’s this course for?

This course is for people who are interested in learning soldering best practices + gaining more confidence in dealing with hot air and soldering. 


This course is perfect for you if…

  • You never soldered before.
  • You want to learn more specific soldering techniques.
  • You’ve been soldering for years and would like a recap.
Sounds like me. Sign me up!

How is this course different from other soldering programs?


Great question. Here are a few reasons:


Over-the-shoulder tutorials (with a microscope)

Watch Steve solder under a microscope to make sure you learn every single detail. Other courses may explain what to do, but they don’t show you HOW to do it with hands-on videos. 

No weird, long-winded explanations 

You might not have a background in soldering - and that’s okay! Steve’s explanations are clear, entertaining, and easy to follow. 

You’re encouraged to make mistakes 

This course has a down-to-earth atmosphere that encourages mistakes and teaches you how to fix them. 

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Stop being intimidated by the soldering process...


Get excited to start repairing electronics. 

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