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My name is Steve. In 2013 I started a game console repair business and called it "TronicsFix". A couple years later I uploaded a few videos to YouTube just as an experiment. The repair business grew and so did the YouTube channel. Before long I had made hundreds of videos and repaired thousands of game consoles. I repaired everything from the original PS4 to the Nintendo Switch. 

I found that I really enjoyed the teaching aspect of making YouTube videos and I loved the fact that I could help people from all over the world. After taking some online courses myself I thought "Why don't I make game console repair courses?" So I did! 

I started gameconsolerepairschool.com to teach others as much as I possibly can about game console repair. Everything from beginner soldering to advanced diagnostics. I've put countless hours into making these courses so my students can go from knowing very little about repair to proficiency in fixing almost any kind of game console. 

Gameconsolerepairschool.com has been built from my passion to fix the world. I can't do it myself so I hope you sign up to help me!


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